Living Youthfully

So, it’s my birthday today and I am very very excited to welcome you to my community – the community of the young at heart, and in the physical body, regardless of your age.

In the few years that I have lived, I have had experiences that have helped me learn that everyone has their own management strengths – whether it’s in the area of finances, relationships, investments, health & wellness or possibly taking responsibility for social good.  We all have a WH Y for doing each of the things we do (and we are still doing) in life – and all the WHYs put together is what dresses our lives.

As a personal advancement coach, after the evaluation of myself, my friends and some of my students, I concluded that if you want to step inside your greatness and begin using the genius that’s been uniquely given to you, you’re going to have to allow yourself to be free of old constraints and give yourself permission to stand in your power.

I know that one of the questions that will pop-up in your head right now will be “how is that easy to do?” When you stand in your power, it means you are committed to pushing past any negative self-talk, rising above your own fears, and evicting any dis-empowering thoughts or chatter that does not support your highest calling and your greatest service so that you can BE YOU rather than be someone else.

Here’s a brief analysis of me, I am energetic and very resourceful plus the fact that I am full of youthful attitudes.  And being me, one strength I would like to continually contribute to the world is my youthful attitude – regardless of who I become. I have found myself in different places having to associate with different kinds of people, and in my discovery many suppress their youthful attitude and perspective as they age.  Yes it may seem cool and good to be, but many times, I personally find it, unhealthy and energy sapping – though this also depends on an individual’s ‘personality conditioning’.

I have met with a few people, I wanted to really get-along with so much so we can share and learn more – unfortunately, the relationship became withered, so out of curiosity, I decided to experiment and probe further.  Then I went into new groups (though filled with like-minded people in terms of career and interests within different age groups), we played, interacted and argued freely throwing titles & positions out of the box.  And then I found out that many of the older members of these groups desired to live out of their current boxes – I did my health and wellness exercises with the ones we had to camp together for days and it was amazing how some jumped out of the old self – you know that feeling that people have when you are there to make them feel alive!

While some term my playfulness as disrespectful and something they can;t condone, others make comments such as you are too much of a free-minded person – the truth is being free-minded works for me.  Honestly, that’s why I am called Youthful – because there is nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to defend – what’s important is to build capacity to manage my imperfections perfectly so that the TRUE ME can live and thrive.

To me, Youth simply means that I don’t have a lot of experience, but I can make up for it with the ability to quickly learn, recover, and hold-on.  So at every point that I meet anyone, I want to remain youthful so that I can live a full life and keep growing for a life well lived.

Today, I brought up my youthfulness because it is an aspect of everyone’s life that is often allowed to fade away. While we know youthful age fades away, it is important that we engage a lot in youthful activities and attitudes because with the mentality of youthfulness we can live youthfully in our body and mind even as we age.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I trust that you have learnt one or more things from this article; I await your comments below, your likes and shares with your friends & family.  And if you feel the need to write me on this subject or would like me to discuss a certain topic in the areas of relationship, finance, investment, health & wellness, and being socially responsible, please send me an email via

You’re amazing and I see you advancing beyond your now!