LEVERAGE: The Unquantifiable Gift

Living a fulfilled life begins with the understanding that waking up daily is a gift, and that you wake up every morning feeling YOUTHFUL should be a daily objective. Then make it a daily exercise to be thankful enough for your talent, desires, humility, relationships, nature, and everything available to prepare yourself worthy enough for your dream to become your reality.

The most successful and famous people know that their ultimate success stems from one simple thing…How they start their mornings.

They know that they must begin every day with extreme focus and intention in order to make magic, show up in a big way, and set the world on fire for the super-duper results they desire. I know one of the questions in your head now is; what strategy can I employ to be consistent.

Here’s my suggestion, every morning with the excitement that comes with your youthful feeling, pray purposefully; you may want to say this

Dear God, I pray that I will remember that You are the God who brings life from tiny seeds buried in soil.  You designed the butterfly who waits in a chrysalis while transformation takes place. Do help me to live in Your light that I may see the beauty of Your love in this day that You have given to me specially. AMEN 

And make sure to exercise your body, make the list of your tasks for the day and be more focused on every next steps you need to take – all with a goal in mind.  Make your own master plan and fit yourself into it.  And when you have mastered these secrets to starting your day off right, your life (and everything else) will transform right before your eyes while you’re still living.

So, today I challenge you to make some adjustments so that your day is more intentional.

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You’re amazing and I see you advancing beyond your now!