TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – How To Become The Stream That Moves Forward

Despite all the wind, the go-slow, and rocks in your way, you can create a life that you value and this requires that you accept the idea that you are completely responsible for yourself.

As a personal advancement coach, passionately and tirelessly working on my life’s mission, I have discovered that taking personal responsibility for your life is the most important decision that any individual must make for performance. Responsibility is a feature of a fully functioning human being, therefore, accepting personal responsibility is the vehicle that propels you to move forward and it’s the PRINCIPAL CHOICE that anyone desiring to finish well must make.

In my several days of learning, below are some lessons that can serve as useful tips for you

  1. The root of every of your choices resides in you and it usually comes out as a behavior that turns to become a practice over time. So pay attention to it.
  2. You have to take charge and do what others can’t do for you- success is achievable if you choose it and work towards it.
  3. If you think you are lost, reconciliation with your original vision will birth forgiveness and peace; God gave it to you for a purpose, invest your time, energy and every other resources you have available into it no matter the distractions.
  4. Develop a habit of taking a moment to pause, and take a breath to check if you are doing the right thing – if you need to press the stop button, do not hesitate to. Sometimes, we need to change our strategy to continue and start making real progress.
  5. Keep investing in yourself, no matter how little – take time off other things if it is necessary for adequate result.
  6. Take one-step-at-a-time while you pursue passionately with patience and persistence.

While you work on the above, face the realization that no one is going to come to your rescue – just know that you are on your own, but understand that when you project worthiness and success, whether it is internal or external, the world responds to you in kind, so DON’T EVER QUIT but seek help when you need one where you can find one.

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You’re amazing and I see you advancing beyond your now!