A story is an account of an event (usually of real or imaginary people) told either for entertainment or education. It is very important to know that every story contains a lesson and that is why others need to hear yours. Using my own experience, I have observed that telling your story could help your audience and you to do one or all of the following
1. To love unconditionally;
2. To help generously;
3. To forgive easily; and
4. To be just and always go all-out for the best in achieving your purpose.

So when you tell your story, be factual – though people may not understand it at the beginning – DON’T WORRY and DON’T LET PEOPLE’S REACTIONS change who you are, but be conscious of your own assignment and don’t forget that everything takes time, so it’s ok. Just be yourself, keep learning and sharing the lessons to as many people God is going to send your way to learn. Every experience we have is for the good of others for His glory – please bear this in mind in all that you say and do, yes I know it’s not usually very easy to play like God but you can try because He lives in you.

May I tell you that everything we do is a seed (even the lives we live), growth is not instant – rather it involves a process. One of the processes of growth also happens when you share the lessons, because some of the responses you will get from sharing will help you to improve and grow also. What is required of you is to be a good listener while you persist in doing what is good, right and worthy of praise. I am a Christian, I read my bible for myself by myself and I believe strongly in what my Bible tells me:

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – IF ANYTHING IS EXCELLENT & PRAISEWORTHY – think about such things and the God of peace will be with you.

You can overcome any challenge; whatever it is, just tell it to God and always be willing to receive from Him per time, so that you can act on purpose and not on the will of man – GOD’S STRATEGY IS BETTER THAN HUMAN’S, though God will always use man for your good. And use you also for the good of others, which is why you need to SHARE YOUR STORY so that others can learn and profit from your wealth of experience.

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You’re amazing and I see you advancing beyond your now!