2017 MyDreamConnect Summer Camp, Lagos

Dear Parents,

I understand how you feel about raising your teenager, and I am hereby commending your efforts.  Here’s just to offer some information that I think can add value to your working better on the job.  I know it can be a very tough work raising a teen to be responsible and be able to make good decisions.
Someone said, a safe view of God is a small view of God.
Often, when I chat with people who see my work with teenagers, I hear them remark that in this day and age raising responsible kids who are self-motivated and hard workers like me can be very difficult. It’s obvious a huge number of adults have settled in their minds with the belief that ‘all that teenagers want to do’ is to sit in front of a TV or play video games, and the danger in this is the fact that, you get whatever it is that you believe.  Growing up, I never had such privileges, a reason I attribute to my own personal WHY for being self-motivated, my parent never spared the rod. I didn’t watch too much TV programs.  Smiles!
As parents (most especially mothers), one question that you need to ask yourself today is this – Am I building a team, or do we act more like a club as a family?  And even if you are yet to raise a family – ensure you work this out.
When we are putting together events for teenagers, often times I see people who believe that teens engagement should be focused more on fun. And I think if we continue to hold on to this, we may consistently have difficulty raising kids who are self-motivated and hard workers and soon it becomes a permanent thing. Maybe what they need isn’t more fun but the need to be a part of something that matters – something outside their safe place.
What majority of families do is to build a ‘place’ where their kids felt safe, and this seems to make no difference outside the walls of the house in many cases. That’s the problem with clubs: clubs benefit the people in the clubs but not so much the people outside of them.
From information gathered online, in a club, the main goal is to have fun and help people feel as if they belong. A place where you are with a bunch of like-minded people, you boost each other’s self-esteem, but it doesn’t go further than that. A team, on the other hand, has a strong sense of identity as a group not because they want people to belong but because they are part of a bigger purpose – they work together having definite goal(s). Clubs are about belonging while teams are about accomplishing a goal. My one reason why a family vision is very important and ‘clearly’ communicated to kids, so that they grow into it and make a huge contribution to the development of their community.
So now that you have this information, how are you going to make that change to help your teen get better, most especially in a country like Nigeria where the change we need is a NATIONAL VISION pursued with understanding and absolute sincerity by each individual whether you are a ruler, a leader or a citizen.  So that when seeds are sown (by teachers, mentors, shepherds, et al) the  seeds fall on good soil, where it will produce a crop—a hundred, sixty or multiple times what was sown, just as my bible informed me.
And to my dear teenagers reading, a word is expected to be enough for the wise – I want you to get serious about your reason for being here rather than engage yourself in addictions that will take you off your path.  What God wants from you is to “occupy on earth doing excellent things till He comes”, nothing more.  Take charge of your life with positive engagements and not what will damage your mind, life or relationship with God.

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You’re amazing and I see you advancing beyond your now!