Meet Youthful Yetunde Macaulay

Hello, YOU’RE WELCOME TO YETUNDEMACAULAY.COM – the community where you get self-help tips to live youthfully. If like me, you are willing to commit to being the bigger version of yourself and have a breakthrough to the next level where your ORDINARY actions becomes EXTRA-ORDINARY results, then you are in the right place.

I am Yetunde Macaulay, one very energetic and resourceful youngster God has blessed the earth with.  I am the Lead Trainer at MyDreamConnect, I am well-liked, amazing & an admirable student of life.  A Public Administrator, award winning ACTIVE CITIZEN who is exceptionally interested in human life development.  I am multi-talented, zealous, energetic, and full of capacity to provide clear and practical blueprint for personal success, drawn directly from her life experiences.

As a PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT COACH, I offer support to individuals to become productive in their lives and work; help my clients set and achieve SPECIFIC GOALS and overcome obstacles to their PERSONAL GROWTH.  These GOALS may be related to any area of personal development, including relationships, finances, investments or health & wellness.

My JOB is to walk my clients through the process of enjoying life by offering simple but highly effective tools  to organize their lives to begin to GET THEIR WAY EVERYDAY and WIN many times than they ever did.

I live, play and work in Lagos, Nigeria.
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